Four semi detached houses

Location: Worcester Park, Surrey

Size: 6,165.6 sq ft/572.8 m2

Client: Private


The proposed scheme is for the construction of 4 houses with 2 parking spaces per dwelling and private amenities on an extensive garden on the West side of the plot.

The scheme includes providing communal landscape spaces to West and South edges such as recreational facilities and benches with powerpoints. It is also including supplementing the wooded screen to West and South.


Sutton House Extension

Location: Carshlaton Road, Sutton

Size: 333.7 sq ft/31 m2

Client: Private


Fulham house development

Location: Parsons Green, London

Size: 2732.9 sq ft/253.9 m2

Client: Private


Twenty Seconds Commute

Location: Carshlaton Road, Sutton

Size: 925.7 sq ft/86 m2

Client: Private


The outbuilding was originally planned to be a space for entertaining, but the homeowners decided to switch direction and convert the space into their very own home office following the onset of the Covid 19 pandemic. They, no longer have to endure lengthy commutes and face covering protocols, rather just a 20-second walk to their place of work.


The home office also includes additional amenities including a sauna and shower room, cleverly concealed behind sliding doors, and a hot tub located under floating decking, made using hollow core composite boards. The office is cladded externally using black corrugated metal sheets with the interior walls and ceiling finished with an 18mm pine plywood.


Bickenhall Mansion Flat Refurbishment

Location: Baker Street, London

Size: 979 sq ft/91 m2

Client: Nihaven Capital


The apartment requires a full modernisation and will have brand new finishes throughout. A current one bed and two bathrooms apartment will be converted into a 2 and a half bedrooms and two bathrooms apartment.

This characteristic building feature to be in harmony with new contemporary interior, furniture and fitting scheme.


Wimbledon Mixed-Use Development

Location: Wimbledon, Uk

Size: 8,966 sq ft/833 m2

Client: Q-Hampton


The development includes eight apartments and six B1 office units. It aims to attract young couples and wealthy singles so that the life-style of this young generation will regenerate the featureless community of the region.


Sutton House Refurbishment

Location: Sutton, Uk

Size: 1,184 sq ft/110 m2

Client: Private


Three Bed House Annexe

Location: New Malden, UK

Size: 3,767 sq ft/ 350m2

Client: Private


The design proposal seeks to combine two main characteristics of the surrounding properties with accepting approved examples of side extensions up to the boundary. The proposal would maintain the realtion to the apprearance of existing properties in the surrounding area.


Chelsea Flat Refurbishment

Location: The Little Boltons, London

Size: 1,377 sq ft/ 128 m2

Client: Private


A spacious and traditional presented three bedroom apartment aet on the third floor of a prestigious portered building conveniently located close to Earl's Court and Gloucester Road.


Wimbledon Flat Refurbishment + Loft Conversion

Location: Wimbledon, UK

Size: 1,011 sq ft/ 94m2

Client: Private


The aim of the project is to provide additional bedroom/living room space by converting the existing loft space without a rear dormer roof extension.


The loft conversion is designed to be in keeping with the exsting building's roof shape and also in line with the council's SPG for residential extensions, alterations and conversions.


Elizabethan II House

Location: London, UK

Size: 2,325 sq ft/ 216 m2

Client: British Homes


The scheme has begun with the desire to come up with the locality and develop this into a house accommodating the future lifestyle.


1.5m high crawl space at intermediate level is suggested on this scheme to centralize all services including heating and cooling, to accommodate the plenty of storage space with an easy access and provide permanent privacy of the upper floor and total flexibility throughout the scheme.


Green Apartments For Elderly People

Location: Hampshire, UK

Size: 68,956 sq ft/ 6,406 m2

Client: MaCathy & Stone


The Travers scrap yard in Bishops Waltham, Hampshire will turn into an innovative and sustainable housing development for the elderly. The development will provide 60 apartments and 55 no. mix of 1 and 1.5 bed apartments. It contains 45 parking spaces including 6 disabled parkings.


An innovative idea was designed to improve the weakness of a typical double loaded corridor. All ciirculation spaces are light and airy including double loaded corridor in the West block. They are internal streets not only leading you to your apartments but also spaces to meet and chat with the neighbours.



Location: Moscow, Russia

Size: 322,913 sq ft/ 30,000 m2

Client: Masstab Company


The inspiration for our design came from the world renowned problem solving game Tetris invented by Russian Alexy Paszihtnov.


We have adapted Tetris's concept to provide a matrix of solutions for 6 different flat types (1-3 bed units) built from 13 square base design units (building blocks) which fit sealessly together to provide 32 variations of individual flat layout.


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