Location: Devon, UK

Size: 180,650 sq ft/ 16,783 m2

Client: CHICKS


The charity CHICKS in Devon is providing country holidays that last a lifetime to inner city children aged between 8-15 who faces serious challenges in their life.


CHICKS has six independent buildings in the vast historical Moorland. They are old and cramped.  Four buildings such as main building, meeting room, workshop shed and game room will need to be upgraded and extended to meet with the increasing demand.


Location: New Malden, UK

Size: 204 sq ft/ 19 m2

Client: Oxbridge Centre


The prototype of a new garden shed was developed in aid of Oxbridge in order to replace the most popular and monotonous B&Q style timber shed in the UK.


Lately, with the lack of space in homes, sheds have become the most useful space to store and to occupy. Desq Shed delivers those options as it will provide space for storage and for any desired option.


Fun Marquee

Location: New Malden, UK

Size: 452 sq ft/ 42 m2

Client: Transport for London


The Fun Marquee we design - inspired by the street parade “homeless penguins come to town” - is intended to be the base for hosting the event in 2010 which will focus on the environmental issues. Hopefully, the event at Shannon corner can also regenerate the community and create a new sense of identity as well as a public domain.


Slow Nature

Location: Cronton, UK

Size: 4347,253 sq ft/ 403,873 m2

Client: The Land Trust


It is acknowledged that each area of the former Cronton Colliery is characterized by their vegetation and levels. These are all enhanced and maximized in order for them to be more distinct from each other.


These disparate areas of the site are linked by the walkway along which heights are varied according to each area's interests and attractions. Their heights are determined by the visitors' best view of the characters of each area. These different viewing heights to attractions will provide visitors a unique and new experience.


Camden Church Development

Location: London, UK

Size: 9,526 sq ft/885.79 m2

Client: Camden Methodist Church


The proposal seeks to address the dilapidated nature of the present accommodation by redeveloping the basement area to provide offices. An additional floor level in the current worship space is offered providing multi-purpose halls and meeting rooms together with a good quality kitchen and service facilities allowing for full disabled and independent access for security purposes.


Monument of Anseong

Location: Anseong, Korea

Size: 3,498 sq ft/ 325 m2

Client: Anseong City


The Anseong is a city in Gyeonggi Province, South Korea and known for producing brassware, arts and crafts.

The shape of the monument on Bongsan’s roundabout is formed by the first and last letters of 안성O. 안성 which is the Korean alphabet of Anseong. The circle, positioned vertically in the centre of the roundabout will be also seen as the triangle which resembles the other letter of 안성, when you go around the roundabout.

 The monument is built with the steel structure and finished by the brass panels. Some of these golden panels are perforated and lit from inside at night time.


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